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Via RSS feed, it is possible to receive a quote translated into various languages every day. In collaboration with the Logos Dictionary, the feed boasts a word a day and a free book proposed by the Logos Library.
The service is free of charge and you do not need to register, just subscribe once.

What is Feed Rss?
Rss is the abbreviation of Really Simple Syndication. It is a XML format facilitated for Internet distribution. Rss documents , also called feed, are an efficient means for sites to be updated on a regular basis such as news sites.
How does it work
In order to have access to the Rss services you just need an Internet connection and a specific program called aggregator which allows you to receive the Rss channels.
Among those programs available on the Network we advise  SharpReader, FeedReader o YeahReader  ? all free of charge and easy to install and use.
Otherwise we suggest visualizing the Rss on the latest browsers or on iGoogle.
How do you subscribe to the Logos Quotes Rss Feed
Just click the RSS tab on the right hand side of your mouse, then copy and paste the link into your RSS aggregator.
If you are using the latest browsers, (Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2) just click on the Rss icon. You will be able to visualize the content on a new page where you can subscribe to the service.