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Sari Gabor (1918)
Hungarian actress Zsa Zsa Gabor is the prototypical Professional Celebrity - famous merely for being famous.
She started her stage career in 1933 and three years later won the title of Miss Hungary. She followed her sister Eva to America in 1941, but unlike Eva did not devote herself to acting; rather, she inaugurated her lifelong career of collecting jewelry, husbands and front-page publicity.
Among her many spouses were actor George Sanders (who much later in life would marry her sister Magda) and hotel magnate Conrad Hilton. Operating on the theory that any publicity is good publicity, Gabor has kept herself in the public eye through a series of contretemps with the law. She was once arrested and fined for using profanity in public; she was sued by a "fantasy" theme park thanks to her cavalier attitude towards written contracts; and in 1990 she provided a cornucopia of material for innumerable nightclub comics by slapping a traffic cop who had given her a speeding ticket (an act which she herself capitalized upon with movie cameo roles in The Naked Gun 2 1/2 [1991] and The Beverly Hillbillies [1993]).
Gabor also joined the ranks of the politically incorrect for flaunting her many animal-fur coats and for refusing to appear in a nightclub when wheelchair-bound patrons threatened to impede her performance.
Gabor also made a few movies. She actually came close to a performance in Moulin Rouge (1952), but the bulk of her cinematic achievements were along the lines of The Girl in the Kremlin (1953) (wherein her head was shaved) and the imperishable Queen of Outer Space (1958).

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