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Lucius Annaeus Seneca ( 4BC -- 65AD)

(known as Seneca the Younger HD (the Younger) DT1a c.)

Roman philosopher, statesman and writer, born in Córdoba, Spain, the son of Seneca (the Elder). Banished to Corsica (41--9) by Claudius, on a charge of adultery, he was recalled by Agrippina, who entrusted him with the education of her son, Nero. Made consul by Nero in 57, his high moral aims gradually incurred the emperor's displeasure, and he withdrew from public life. Drawn into conspiracy, he was condemned, and committed suicide in Rome. The publication of his Tenne Tragedies in 1581 was important in the evolution of Elizabethan drama, which took from them the five-act division, as well as the horrors and the rhetoric.

a chi che no sa in che porto \'ndar, el vento no ghe gira mai ben
comandar no vol dir dominar, ma far el propio dover
de un grando omo se ga sempre qualcossa de impararse, anche quando che el tasi
la solitudine xe pel\'anima quel che el magnar xe pel corpo
no desiderar xe la stessa roba che ver
quel che a ti te par la zima no xe che un scalin