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Alfred Capus (1857-1922)

Alfred Capus was a French author, who was born at Aix-en-Provence.
In 1878 he published a volume of short stories, and in the next year the two produced a one-act piece, "Le Mari malgre lui", at the Théâtre Cluny. He had been educated as an engineer, but became a journalist, and joined the staff of the Figaro newspaper in 1894.
His novels, "Qui perd gagne" (1890), "Faux Depart" (1891), "Année des d'aventures" (1895) describe the struggles of three young men at the beginning of their career. From the first of these he took his first comedy, "Brignol et sa fille" (Vaudeville, November 23, 1894).

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