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Ugo Bernasconi (1874-1960)

Ugo Bernasconi, who was born in Buenos Aires from Italian parents, but lived in Cantù for about 40 years, where he moved at the end of the First World War. The members of the association "Friends of Museums" chaired by another famous painter – Paolo Minoli – have directed their attention to Bernasconi, after the success of the first editions of "Cantù Art ", which admitted Bruno Munari, Luigi Veronesi and Fausto Melotti. Bernasconi is considered, together with Arturo Tosi, Bernasconi’s great friend, one of the greatest exponents of Italian painting between ‘800 and ‘900 a specimen of the most typical modes of Lombard Naturalism. The appointment is fixed for the end of 2001, even if there are a lot of problems to solve as regards organisation: there is, among them, the financing of the art exhibition which will be the greatest homage of Cantù to one of its most famous personages.

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