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Jesús Sepúlveda (1967)

Jesús Sepúlveda was born in Santiago de Chile in 1967. He is a member of the generation of 1987 — the so-called "barbarian" writers — who started publishing in the last years of the Pinochet regime. Author of five books of poetry and one of essays. His poems and critical articles have been published in anthologies and magazines in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brasil, Costa Rica, Mexico, USA, and Spain. In Chile, he directed the magazine Piel de leopardo (currently on-line edited by Lagos Nilsson: http://www.pieldeleopardo.com and in the US the bilingual magazine Helicóptero in collaboration with Paul Dresman. He holds a Ph.D. in Romance Languages and teaches at the University of Oregon in Eugene, where he has lived since 1995. The translation of the book

“The Garden of Peculiarities” (Essay) is projected to be published in the USA. His works include:

“Lugar de origen” (Santiago de Chile: Ediciones de la Hecatombe 1987).

“Reinos del prÌncipe caído” (Santiago de Chile: Ediciones Documentas 1991).

“Hotel Marconi” (Santiago, Chile: Editorial Cuarto Propio 1998).

“Correo negro” (Buenos Aires: Ediciones del Leopardo 2001).

“El jardÌn de las peculiaridades” (Buenos Aires: Ediciones del Leopardo 2002).

“Escrivania” (Querétaro, México: Ediciones El Hechicero 2003). Paul Dresman is a poet an teaches Literature at the University of Oregon (USA).

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