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Giuseppe Fava (1925-1985)
Giuseppe Fava (Palazzolo Acreide, 15 September 1925 - Catania, 5 January 1985), writer, essayist, journalist, dramatist, painter, scriptwriter. He was born in Palazzolo Acreide, in province of Siracusa, the 15th of  September 1925. He graduated in Law, he has been a professional journalist  since 1952: editor in chief of the Catanese newspaper Espresso Sera, correspondent of the weekly magazine Tempo Illustrato, director of the  newspaper the Giornale del Sud, founder and director of  I Siciliani.
The volumes "Process to Sicily" and "The Sicilians", of 1970 and 1978 , collect his most meaningful journalistic inquiries. Among his novels we might underline "Gente di rispetto" (1975, Bompiani), "Prima che vi uccidano" (1977, Bompiani), "Passione di Michele" (1980, Cappelli editore).
The inquiries of the review became a political and journalistic case. He was assassinated, with five blows of gun in his nape, in Catania  in the evening of the 5th of January 1985.

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