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Gino Vermicelli (1922-1998)

Born in Novara, he emigrated at an early age to France. During the Second World War, under the name of “Eduardo”, he was a noted partisan commander. He was one of the survivors from the Battle of Megolo on 13 February 1944 (in which captain Beltrami fell) and subsequently was a political advisor in the “formazioni garibaldine” in Ossola. After the war he was a political party and trade union leader and a leading figure in the cooperative movement in Milan, Rome, Sicily, Novara and Verbania. From its beginnings he was among the contributors to the editorial and political columns of “Il Manifesto”. In 1984 he published “Viva Babeuf”, the novel of his experiences as a partisan, which also appeared in a German edition in 1990. He wrote numerous articles on the workers’ movement, Italian and international politics, the environment, war and peace, which appeared in national and local newspapers and periodicals.

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