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She was born on April 24, 1922 in Turin, Italy.
In July 1935, Susanna's father died in an airplane accident. After his death, Susanna's grandfather tries to take custody of the children.
In June 1940, Italy entered WWII on the side of Germany. Although fascism had affected little of Susanna's life so far, the war was to change it drastically. She began working in the hospitals and was a nurse throughout the war. After suffering a long illness and a disappointing love affair, Susanna joined the Red Cross to help on the ships that carried wounded soldiers from Africa.
After the war, Susanna organized a corp of ambulances to follow the army and rescue the civilian casualties.
Susanna Agnelli marries, Count Urbano Rattazzi in 1945, the same year that the war ended. Between 1945 and 1974, Susanna and Urbano have six children. During this time she also received her doctorate.
In 1974, her political career began with her becoming mayor of Monte Argentario. This position lasted until 1984. While she held the office of mayor, Susanna was elected to the House of Deputies n 1976 and she became a senator in 1983. In 1979, Susanna was also elected to the European Parliament.
Susanna Agnelli's highest government position was that of Foreign Minister. She was in office under Craxi (1986-1987), De Mita (1987-1989), and Andreotti (1989-1991).

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