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Marx Groucho (Julius Henry Marx) (1890-1977)

Julius Henry Marx (Groucho) was bornin 1890 and died on August 19th 1977 at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. He was 86 years young, at his time of death. Groucho's ashes are in a small room in the mausoleum at Eden Memorial Park in Mission Hills, California. He was clever and anxious from the get go. On screen he played a wise cracking cigar toting, middle-aged man with glasses and a big black mustache. He continually launches streams of wisecracks and insults at everybody and just about on any topic. Groucho is normally regarded as the most popular, and recognized of all the Marx Brothers. In his later years he went on to radio You Bet Your Life for which he won the Best Comedian of the Year award in 1949. Groucho Marx did 26 movies total, of these 15 were with his brothers Chico and Harpo. Of those 15 movies only 14 were actually released. The first movie was a silent film, that Groucho is said to of cut up the movie into guitar picks, to prevent it's release. Needless to say, he didn't like it. Although students of the cinema still try to find a copy of the film, feeling it has great historical value. They were one of the world's most famous comedy teams. They had their own zany brand of slapstick comedy. That was mixed with quick witted one-liners, usually delivered by Groucho. Some of Groucho's one-liners were often imitated, even by some of todays biggest comedians. You can also find them in some of the old Buggs Bunny cartoons. There were six brothers, all born in New York City. Manfred Marx died in infancy.

Eto yay Smith î, kichî bankdarî fire mîlyonêr Smith, dena na ? .. na ? bibûre , bo chawtirûkandinêk min pêm wa bû ashiqit bûm - Groucho Marx
ewane prênsîpekanî minin,Eger pêt bash nîn îdîkeshim hen
Min bo debê le xemî wecî dabê da bim? ewan çiyan bo min kirdûwe - Groucho Marx
rêyek heye bo ewey bizanî zelamêk raste yan na, lêy bipirse ! eger gutî a bizane xuwar û narast e
Siyaset hunerî be duway kêshe da gerran, dozînewey, xirap lêkdanewey u xirap chareser kirdnêtî - Groucho Marx
zanyarî mîlîtarî, le binaxwe zaraweyekî nakok e
zewac hoy serekî dest lêkberdan e - Groucho Marx