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Cyril Connolly (1903–1974)

English critic and editor, he was born on the 10th of September 1903 in Coventry, England. After attending Oxford University, he began his career as a journalist. With Stephen Spender he founded "Horizon" (1939–49), a small literary magazine that reflected Connolly's own iconoclastic and mordant attitudes toward contemporary society. He also used his critical gifts as a long-time book reviewer for "The New Statesman" and "London's Sunday Times". Among his works are "Rock Pool" (1935), a satirical novel that ranks with the best of Huxley and Waugh; "Enemies of Promise" (1938), an autobiography of ideas; "The Unquiet Grave" (1944), a potpourri of critical commentaries, quotations, and aphorisms; "The Condemned Playground" (1945) and "Previous Convictions" (1964), both collections of literary essays; and "The Modern Movement: 100 Key Books From England, France, and America, 1880–1950" (1965).
Connolly died on the 25th of November 1974 in London, England.

gişt xeLkî dillrakêş şitêkî wayan heye ke bîşarnewe, be asayî bestiranewey tewawyan be pesindanî xellkî dîke
tirsî tenyayî le tirsy koylettî gewretire boye zewac dekeyn
بیره‌ وه‌رییه‌کانمان وه‌ک کارتی ئیندێکس وان کاربه‌ده‌ستان لێیان ده‌ڕوانن دوایه‌ به‌ شپرزه‌یی ده‌یانگێڕنه‌وه‌. -سیریل کانۆڵی