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Robert Heller

One of British most renowned authors on business management. His first book, The Naked Manager, passed into the language with its iconoclastic attack on false scientific management. The Fusion Manager came some 50 books later and moved Sir John Harvey-Jones to write: "The future lies with the thinking manager, and the thinking manager must read this book". Another reviewer observed of Robert Heller that 'all British business writers owe him a debt, if not their entire living'. A former American bureau chielf of The Financial Times, he later became the founding editor of Management Today, Britain's leading monthly business magazine. A founding member of the Global Future Forum, in recent years Heller has been speaking and writing as a prophet of the true, lasting and dynamic digital revolution which formed the basis of the dot.com bubble. In partnership with Edward de Bono (founder of Lateral Thinking), Heller produces several online newsletters on business management, Management Intelligence, and the more detailed members-only, Letter To Thinking Managers.


경영(학)의 첫 번째 신화는 그 것이 존재한다는 허구이다. 그리고 두 번째 신화는 성공이 경영 기술에 상응한다는 것이다.