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LEO LONGANESI (1905 - 1957)

Born in Bagnocavallo (Ra) and dead in Milan. After his degree in law he starts to work as journalist. Founder and manager of È Permesso, Il Toro, L’Italiano, Omnibus; he also writes with Il Selvaggio for the review Mino Maccari. He joins the literary movement Strapaese. Illustrator and caricaturist. His plentiful production is also near the Italian popular press tradiction: calenders, almanacs, dream-books, playing cards and so on. Exhibitions of his works: in the Galleria del Selvaggio, Florence; then he took part in several exhibitions as Exhibition of Italian 20th century, Milan, Exhibition of the tenth anniversary of Fascist revolution in Rome, first and second Quadriennale, the XIX Biennale of Venice, Exhibition of the Italian design in Berlin. 1941 his private and important exhibition in the Galleria Barbaroux, Milan. After the Second World War he founds and manage the homonymous publishing house. 1950 he founds Il Borghese" and "Oggi".

그리고 아직도, 그 반대 (명제)도 또한 항상 진실이다
다른 이의 단점은 우리 자신의 것과 매우 유사하다
사랑은 즐거움을 주는 그 무엇을 기대 한다. 그러나 그 것이 도래했을 때는 이미 싫증을 느낀다
예술의 부름을 받지 않은 많은 사람들이 예술에 대답하고 있다.
원하고 있는 것은 자유가 아니라, 자유로운 사람이 되는 것이다