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Coluche (1944-1986)

Michel Colucci was an extremely popular comedian, in the French traditional graphic, often Rabelaisian and even scatological style; he founded the "Restaurants du Coeur" which distributes meals to the poor (60 million meals last year with 40,000 volunteers). Colucci adopted "Coluche" as a stage name at 26, when he began his entertainment career. He became known for his irreverent attitude towards politics and the "Establishment" and he incorporated this into much of his material.
His death in 1986 in a motorcycle accident provoked national grief.

언론인들은 정치인들의 거짓말을 믿지 않는다. 그러나 그 거짓말을 반복 보도한다. 더욱 나쁜 해악이다!