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Paul Ariès  

Lyon professor Paul Aries, a specialist on cult issues, knows something about it. His work Scientology: laboratory of the future, published by Golias, wasn't yet on sale when he received a letter from Scientology reminding him that that the texts of the founding guru were protected by copyright, before threatening him with forgery. He's the author of the Petit manuel anti-McDo à l’usage des petits et des grands (The Little Anti-McDonald’s Handbook for Young and Old Alike), where he wrote : "All the burgers have the same make-up; fat is added so that the proportion of fat to lean meat is identical in each branch, ensuring that it can be cooked in the same way... Taste doesn’t come into it: that’s the reason for all the pickles and sauces. It’s the same with their chicken meat, reformed into 'nuggets'".

a tökéletesség kultusza mindig a mítoszt helyezi előtérbe a hitelesség helyett