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Licio Gelli (1919)

Licio Gelli was born on the 21st of April 1919 in Pistoia (Italy). He was a very important member of the Italian Masonic lodge P2, he also was a member of the Knights of Malta. During the fascist era, Gelli went to Spain as a volounteer with the Blackshirts, sent by Mussolini to give help to Francisco Franco. After the second World War, people think that Gelli was a memeber of the CIA, because of connections with the Italian secret service. On the 17th of March 1981, there was a house search led by the Police, which found the famous list of military officials and government officials that took part to the Masonic lodge P2. The list contained the names of entrepreneurs, journalists and rich people. Licio Gelli escaped to Switzerland, where he was stopped while he was trying to stole millions of dollars in Geneva, but he succeeded escaping from prison. Then he went to South America, but in 1987 he gave himself up to the police. Now he is under house arrest in Tuscany.

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