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Gilbert Rist

Gilbert Rist is professor at the University Institute of studies on development (IUED, in Geneva, Switzerland). After having taught in Tunis, he was chief of the European Centre for the Third World. He studies anthropology of modern times, which depicts the western society as traditional and exotic as the others.
1964 - 1965 Teacher at the Law Faculty of the University of Tunis
1965 - 1966 Headmaster of the School of Geneva
1966 - 1971 Director of the John Knox cultural Centre in Geneva
1971 - 1975 Director of the Europe - Third World Centre in Geneva (CETIM)
1975 - 1978 Researcher at the University Institute of studies on development, Geneva
1977 - 1978 Senior Researcher, Project of the University of the United Nations about "Objective, processes and indicators of development"
since 1985 Professor at IUED
since October 2003 Honorary professor

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