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Edgar Z. Friedenberg (1912 - 2001?)    

Edgar was an educator, education critic, and sociologist less famous than he should be, perhaps because he had abandoned the US in 1970 for the relative obscurity of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Edgar loved smart young people, but his affections had always been platonic. Friedenberg became professor of education and sociology at State University of New York, Buffalo. His education theories went against the grain of the emerging Dewey-inspired view that education's purpose was to prepare students for the benefit of society. He contributed to understanding of the adolescents of the sixties, and promoted the already-fading virtues of competency, of facts as opposed to dogma, and of mastery of subjects - a creed of excellence.
Author of "The Vanishing Adolescent" (1959), "Coming of Age in America: Growth and Acquiescence" (1965), and other studies of American society. "Screw Your Courage" is his autobiography - though he said it wasn't really: he preferred to call it a study in marginality with a sample of one.

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