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Dieter Hildebrandt (1927 - )


Dieter Hildebrandt is a German television presenter.
Born in Bunzlau, Lower Silesia, he attended school until he became an assistant for the German Air Force in World War II. After four months as an assistant Hildebrandt was ordered to the frontlines to support the German Wehrmacht. On the 8th of May 1945 he was taken captive by the US Army, but was released a few months later.
In the years after the war Hildebrandt finished his schooling and moved to Windischeschenbach in Bavaria. In 1948 he started studying theatre sciences in Munich. During that time he founded a student-performed cabaret show,“Die Namenlosen”, in Schwabing. After finishing his studies Hildebrandt worked with Sammy Drechsel to found and develop the “Munich Lach und Schießgesellschaft”, a successful cabaret venue where he worked alongside cabaret artists such as Klaus Havenstein. He stopped working with Drechsel in 1972, to work for radio and TV stations.
From 1973 until 1979 Hildebrandt was the presenter and author of the cabaret show “Notizen aus der Provinz” (Notes From The Province), which was broadcast by ZDF. Hildebrandt also worked with Werner Schneyder, with whom he founded the so called “Autorenkabarett”. The SFB show “Scheibenwischer”, which he created in 1980, is still running.
Hildebrandt was married to Irene Mendler from 1956 until her death. They had two daughters, Ursula and Jutta. He remarried, to German actress Renate Küster, in 1992.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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