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Bruno Ugolotti  (22.02.1921 - 18.10.2003)

Originally from Val d’Enza in the province of Parma, Bruno Ugolotti passes the first part of his life in Modena. Thanks to his mother, an elementary schoolteacher, his love of reading was born, above all the adventures of Salgari which will accompany his adolescent dreams. In the last year of high school, he discovers a strong interest for mathematics and the following year he enrolls in the faculty of engineering. When the war breaks out, he decides to enlist in the Alpine troops. In 1944, he graduates from the University of Bologna and goes to work in the quarries of Monferrato. He participates in the Resistance and on April 25th he descends on Parma a victor. The war over, he works in a coal mine, in Sarzana, where he becomes ill with silicosis. In 1947, Ugolotti, along with his father, moves to Peru where he initially finds work with the Cerro de Pasco Corporation and then, from 1950 on, he dedicates himself to the plantation of cotton. During this period, he writes his first book, Torrente, a fictionalized account of his memories as a partisan. After a brief, and unfortunate, stay in Italy he returns to Peru where he now works at his father’s jam factory. In the meantime, he writes Pellicani e Centauri, a saga of the last Incas of Peru. He translates it into Spanish and participates in the El Pianeta prize, in Spain, in which he classifys as a finalist. In the monthly, “Incontri”, of the Italian society of Peru, he publishes in a series of installments, Il fascismo e I suoi sogni, an analysis of fascism with its songs, drinks and political jokes. He publishes a collection of accounts and satires, Le leggende di un feudo and La sala degli specchi, that appear in the Parma Gazette. Yet unedited, there remains the trilogy La giovinezza, La maturità and La terza età.

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