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Carl William Brown  He was born in 1960 and, after a childhood he defined as "a little neurotic" he devoted himself to study. He fulfilled his military service in 1982 and studied languages at Cattolica University before transferring to the University of Bergamo. He attended other institutions before receiving a degree in languages. From 1990 to 1994, he taught and did research. In 1993, he began to write aphorisms and essays. Towards the end of 1997, he launched a variety of initiatives on the Internet; he published the "Manifesto of the New Facetious and Nihilistic Surrealism", while continuing to cultivate his passion for aphorisms.

hetape oñemoporã tavarepyme’ẽ’ ỹ, ivuruhetáva añónte ikatu ojapo, mboriahu oikuaa ohepyme’ẽvaerãha hesekuéra
oĩ akãme omba’apóvakuéra oñeha’ãva omyanyhe haguã ñande apytu’ũ ha oĩ umi oñeha’ãva omonandi haguã. Na tekotevei ja’e pe ipahague hetavéha
oĩ iñañáva oĩgui imarãngatúva; eipe’a umi imarãngatúvakuéra ha umi iñañávakuéra okañypata avei michĩ michĩme