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Joseph Conrad (1857 - 1924)

Joseph Conrad was born in Berdichev, Poland.
Both of his parents died by the age of twelve and, when he was sixteen years old, he left Poland destined for France. He led an adventurous life during this time; he worked on ships running guns. He entered the merchant service of England, becoming a British citizen in 1886.
He traveled extensively, including adventures in Malay Archipelago and on the Congo River. Conrad was married in 1895 to Jessie George. He spoke 4 languages(Russian, Polish, French, and English).
Conrad wrote Nostromo in 1904 and Lord Jim in 1900. These two works are his most highly regarded novels.
The short story "Heart of Darkness"(1902) is one of the best known tales of the twentieth century. The subject involves the depth of human corruptability set on the African continent.
Conrad died at Bishopsbourne, near Canterbury, in 1924.
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