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Martin Brofmanr
Sir Martin Brofman, Ph.D., a former Wall Street computer expert and a student of psychology and comparative religion, developed the Body Mirror System and the Vision Workshop through his experiences of releasing himself of a terminal illness which traditional medicine had considered hopeless - untreatable - and returning to perfect health.
During his own healing process, he learned much about Body Mind Dynamics, the relationship between the body and the consciousness, and how it works. He then developed a model in order to clarify these ideas for himself, as well as to provide a vehicle for teaching them easily and quickly to others.
Martin Brofman has been teaching these ideas around the world for more than twenty years, and has trained other teachers, as well. His books have been published in nine languages, and are widely acclaimed for the clarity with which his ideas are expressed. Tens of thousands of students world-wide have learned to use his techniques.
Now the Body Mirror System is being taught to doctors, nurses, therapists, students, business men, housewives - people from all walks of life. Some use it to understand themselves better and to accelerate the healing process within themselves. Others use it to help those around them, either personally or professionally.

واژه‌هايی که از آنها برای بيان واقعيّت استفاده می کنی واقعيّت را به وجود می آورند