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The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo

During the Argentine dictatorship (1976-1983) hundreds, thousands of opponents of the regime were taken out of circulation and came to be known as the desaparecidos. The events at that time became really tragic with basic rights quashed and at the same time the prisons became full to overflowing and two million people exiled. Many mothers grieved for their children, but they rallied together before the authorities to ask for information, but without success. In the end, exhausted, disillusioned, forlorn, they got together en masse in one of the main squares in Buenos Aires overlooked by the Casa Rosada presidential palace and the Cathedral. It was a Thursday in the month of May and the mothers knew that they were in the right place, remaining there to publicly and peacefully bear witness to the injustices that were taking place. Thus was born the association known as the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo with the intention of throwing some light on those crimes. Those courageous women set off on their way and have not yet stopped.

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