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Luigi Einaudi (1874–1961)  

Italian economist and statesman, the first President (1948-55) of the Republic of Italy. In 1936-43 he was the editor of Rivista di storia economica ('Review of Economic History'), which was suppressed by the Fascists, of whom he was an unwavering opponent. In 1943 he fled to Switzerland. Returning to Italy in 1945, Einaudi was appointed governor of the Bank of Italy (1945-48). He was a member of the Constituent Assembly (1946-48), becoming deputy prime minister and minister of the budget (1947), a new post in which he successfully curbed inflation and stabilised the currency. In 1948 Einaudi became a member of the Senate of the Italian republic and on 11th May its first President. His term lasted until 1955.

barriers only help to impoverish peoples, make them cruel towards one another, make them speak a strange and incomprehensible language to each other about living space, geopolitical necessities and have them utter to each other dogmatic irreverences against foreign immigrants, almost as if they were lepers and the cruel manner in which every populace shuts itself within itself might, instead of misery and discontent, almost create riches and power
what, a Professional Register of Journalists! Just an idea propagated by pedants, bogus professors, would-be hacks, and people who are trying to prevent others from thinking for themselves. Such a register is a laughable non-starter and is immoral since it aims to put a limit on what has no limits and indeed shouldn\'t have any, and is inclined to restricting the free expression of the mind