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Enzo Biagi (1920 – 2007)

Periodista, escritor y conductor de televisión italiano, nació en Lizano in Belvedere (Bolonia). Colaboró con varios diarios y trabajó durante 40 años en el canal televisivo público RAI, hasta que Berlusconi logró apartarlo del mismo.
Entre sus obras cabe citar: "Un anno una vita", "La disfatta", "«I» come italiani", "L'albero dai fiori bianchi", "Il fatto", "Lunga è la notte" y "Quante donne".

after three appearances on TV, any fool being interviewed says what he thinks and what others think too
democracy is fragile and if too many flags are raised to it, it falls apart
freedom is like poetry - it doesn\'t have to have epithets, it\'s total freedom!
it\'s difficult not to have a desire for someone else\'s woman; those belonging to nobody are, after all, not very attractive
I\'m a man with the same limits of anyone of my generation. But I\'ve never said what I didn\'t want to say, even if I\'ve not always said what I wanted to say
I\'ve always believed that if there\'s somewhere in the world where there are no pure-breds, that place is definitely Italy. In fact, our ancestors had too many opportunities for amusement
society is permissive with things that cost absolutely nothing
the good thing about democracy is just this: everyone can say their piece but there\'s no need to listen to them
truths that matter - important principles - are, in the final analysis, still only two or three. They are those that your mother taught you as a child
you can be to the left of anything you like, but not of good sense