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Ennio Flaiano (1910-1972)

Best known for the work he did in conjunction with Fellini, Italian screenwriter Ennio Flajano and his most frequent collaborator Tullio Pinelli penned many scripts during the '50s and '60s.
Before coming to films, the Pescara-born Flajano was an architect, a professional writer, a drama critic, and an author. Fellini appreciated Flajano's deft humor, wry cultural observations, and subtly and used the writer to help pen some of his best films including La Strada (1954) and La Dolce Vita (1960)

advertising always combines superfluousness with pleasure
art is an investment of capital, culture an excuse
failure went to my head
great loves take off in a very precise way - as soon as you set eyes on her you ask yourself: who is that idiot?
if people knew themselves better they would learn to hate themselves
if you explain yourself with an example, I won\'t understand a thing
in my love stories remorse used to come afterwards, now it goes before me
Italians are always ready to rush to the aid of winners
I\'m no communist - I can\'t afford to be one
love? Perhaps after a while when we know less about each other
my cat does what I would like to do, with less literature
the worst that can happen to a genius is to be understood
there are many ways to arrive; the best is not to leave
unforgettable days in one\'s life amount to five or six at most - the others are just there to make up the numbers
whatever I don\'t know, I learnt at school
when man is no longer cold, hungry or afraid, he is dissatisfied