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Carl William Brown  He was born in 1960 and, after a childhood he defined as "a little neurotic" he devoted himself to study. He fulfilled his military service in 1982 and studied languages at Cattolica University before transferring to the University of Bergamo. He attended other institutions before receiving a degree in languages. From 1990 to 1994, he taught and did research. In 1993, he began to write aphorisms and essays. Towards the end of 1997, he launched a variety of initiatives on the Internet; he published the "Manifesto of the New Facetious and Nihilistic Surrealism", while continuing to cultivate his passion for aphorisms.

in the past, to subjugate the people, the powerful used force, laws and religion; now, they also have football and television
man is made up of about 80% water so it is no wonder that he is polluted
many would love to avoid paying tax but only the rich manage to do so. The poor realise, therefore, that they have to pay taxes even for them
politicians of the Left say that those of the Right are dangerous for our country, those of the Right in turn say the same thing about their colleagues of the Left. I would simply put forward the idea that perhaps both are dangerous
politics - the art of dealing with public life - is the work of politicians who are artists in private affairs
some intellectuals work at filling our brains, whereas others do their best to empty them. Naturally the latter are in the majority
the baddies exist because there are goodies - eliminate the goodies and the baddies will gradually disappear too
the world is destined to become even more comical; that is why humorists are the real precursors of our future civilisation
yesterday\'s criminals are today\'s gentry and today\'s criminals will be tomorrow\'s gentry